Paul Haers

Paul Haers

I have worked in recruitment since 1987, and with a background in business administration and marketing, that might not make a whole lot of sense, but I was interested in working with and for people.

The first years I had to learn what job placement, recruitment, contracting, and outplacement were all about. After that period I started working in a management role on various special projects for large clients.

From 1996 onwards I began specialising in job placement for ICT- professionals. It is nearly impossible to do business without ICT, and there are a lot of benefits from having a great ICT system in place. Computers can do a lot, but it is the ICT specialists that keep them up and running.

People have been a running theme throughout my career; they make or break an organisation. A business will be successful if its people function at their highest level

. Supply and demand of qualified candidates is incredibly interesting. What makes a person qualified? What is the difference between adequate and successful? How are these professionals employed in the organisation? These are daily challenges our clients face, and I get to use my experience to assist them in taking them on.

Since 2011 I have been responsible for the ICT branch within Selectum. With this discipline I’d like to bridge the gap between engineering and ICT, because both will stand to gain tremendously from an even better collaboration.

So why Selectum? My co-workers and I share a passion for this speciality, the drive for getting results, and the people-focussed services Selectum provides. I get a lot of energy from connecting companies with ICT professionals, resulting in collaborations on great projects.

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