Selectum chosen as Preferred Supplier for Jacobs Engineering!

Recently Jacobs Engineering Nederland and Selectum signed an agreement, making Selectum Preferred Supplier of Jacobs. With 65.000 employees, 250 offices in 30 countries, and over $12 billion in yearly revenue, Jacobs is certainly one of the largest engineering companies in the world, but recently Fortune Magazine even named Jacobs as one of the most valued engineering companies. Jacobs professionals deliver

Selectum Preferred Supplier of Total E&P Nederland

Recently Total E&P Nederland and Selectum strengthened their collaboration by signing an agreement making Selectum Preferred Supplier of Total E&P Nederland. Selectum was chosen because of our professionalism, excellent services, and because we have been able to fill many positions by finding qualified technical specialists. As Preferred Supplier we will be able to fill even more technical positions for Total,

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