Interview Yajaira Garcia Sánchez

Interview Yajaira Garcia Sánchez

Yajaira, can you tell us about your work as a Process Engineer at Jacobs?

I work in the process department of Jacobs. At this moment we help LyondellBasell, a company in the Petrochemical industry. It’s my job to make basic documents, visit the plants and work in a big team to constantly improve the processes. In Venezuela, I specialized as a Process Engineer in Oil & Gas, the most important industry in Venezuela. Managing processes in Petrochemicals is closely related to Oil & Gas but with different kinds of processes. Jacobs also serves Shell and some clients in Australia and the Middle East. To me, working in such an international environment and seeing the point of view of my other colleagues is the best part of my job

How did you get in touch with Selectum?

It’s a long story. My brother-in-law worked for Selectum, about 5 years ago, when he was living in Holland. My husband and me visited Holland a few times during those years and we liked the country a lot. So much freedom! In august 2017 we decided to leave Venezuela and live in Holland, to build a more safe and stable future for ourselves and our son. My jobhunt in Holland had started…

Why did you choose Selectum as your job agency?

Through LinkedIn I tried to apply for a position as Senior Process Engineer at Jacobs. My brother-in-law advised me to contact Selectum for finding a job that fits my experience as a Process Engineer. My brother-in-law already had some good experiences with Mark Koster and Mark van Zundert.
He told me that Selectum is a serious company, that you can trust. He was right. From the start on, Selectum kept in touch with me. I felt respected as a professional and treated as a human being, not a product. Selectum made me feel very confident, so I decided to continue with them and see what happens in the jobhunt.

You started your job 3 months ago – how do you like the Netherlands so far?

I think I made the right choice of coming here with my husband and son. In the Netherlands we experience a good quality of life. People are very friendly, helpful and everyone speaks English. And there are so many interesting places to go to. But one of the best aspects of Holland is that it’s very helpful when it comes to having a family. I was so surprised to see that even in supermarkets you can find a space for children to play.
Also Holland is a safe country for women and children. In Venezuela you can only move around by car. Here I can walk around and even practice cycling again. I feel very well here. Even if you need an appointment for just about anything and the medical care is different from in Venezuela, in general Holland is the best choice if you have a family and kids.

How is your family doing in the Netherlands?

My 6 year old son already feels a little Dutch. Its easy for him to learn Dutch and he’s making friends very fast. We feel very free here, walking him to school or going to the park. Also did my husband not hesitate for one second, when I was offered this position in Holland. He used to manage the IT- department of a cement company in Venezuela. Now he is jobhunting and taking care of our son. Just like me, he is very happy about the way children are treated in Holland – so playful and relaxed.

What is your general experience in Selectum’s support all along the process?

I really appreciated the treatment of me and of my family. Also before we came here. Selectum kept in touch with me, for example with news about the job possibilities. They also helped me with the trip to Holland. Two cars picked us up at the airport en Selectum even carried our nine pieces of luggage up into our appartment in Voorburg 😉

How would you describe Selectum to other professionals in your field of work?

I don’t have to think a long time to answer this question. Selectum is a company that trusts in your work. They are confident with you, interested in almost like being part of a family. You can talk to them about your situation or ask for help.

Any famous last words from you?

I want to say to persons that live in another country and choose to live here in Holland, that they make a good choice. Its a very helpful, friendly, safe country. Me and my family feel comfortable to go out, go places, have our son play outside. As for Selectum, some of my international collegues almost envy me for the excellent treatment I have received 😉 Thank you for making me feel at home here in the Netherlands.

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