Civil QA/QC Inspector

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Civil QA/QC InspectorTankterminalsZuid-Holland

Are you the highly skilled Civil QA/QC Inspector we are looking for?

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As the Civil QA/QC Inspector you will be responsible to meet project quality objectives. You will report to the Construction Quality Manager whilst performing inspections and surveillances according ITP. After reporting inspection results, you will follow-up to deficiencies and non-conformities with suppliers and contractors. Obviously, you have professional knowledge of codes and standards involved. Inspection subjects contain steel sheet piling, underground infra structure, road/concrete construction, UG sewers and fire mains, tank pits, bund walls and many others. Together with all your QA/QC experience and good self-management skills you will be able to perform this challenging position well!


The ideal candidate meets quite some qualifications, but let’s start with the following:
•   Relevant professional education, inspection skills, qualifications and certifications;
•   More than 5 years’ experience working at industrial, petro-chemical and/or large civil projects;
•   Speaks fluently Dutch and English (read/write);
•   Experienced in Quality Control for large civil projects.

Be advised: for this position you will need a lot of technical skills and experience!

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Are you interested to know more about this employer and this challenging position as Civil QA/QC Inspector? Please give us a call and ask for Lennaert van Zon, +31 70 324 28 00. And, at the same time, send your resume to

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