Civil QA/QC Inspector

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Civil QA/QC InspectorTankterminalsZuid-Holland

Civil QA/QC Inspector, Rotterdam, Tankterminal

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The QA/QC inspector is responsible for performing the required inspections, surveillances, reporting inspection results, follow-up to deficiencies and non-conformities with suppliers and contractors. Within the internal organization the QA/QC inspector will liaise with construction and engineering department in finding resolutions to quality issues.
The QA/QC inspector will execute the physical inspections according test and inspection plans and inspection surveillance program and is responsible for meeting the project quality objectives, as described in the Construction Quality Manual and project requirements.
The QA/QC inspector reports to the Construction Quality Manager.

• Every team member acts as example in a safe project working attitude;
• Understands contractual quality requirements, including project specifications;
• Reviews detailed inspection and test plans (ITP’s);
• Carry out Inspections for inspection activities, per ITP’s;
• Verifies contractors used materials, workmanship and quality of work in accordance with project specifications and approved drawings;
• Promptly notifies Construction Team of any quality issues and concerns;
• Performs inspection surveillances according the surveillance program;
• Responsible to assist in finding resolutions for quality issues;
• Interacts with contractor’s QC and HHTT construction personnel to verify work activities and products meet required quality levels and standard;
• Reviews contractor quality documentation and procedures;
• Actively assists in maintaining up to date quality administration;
• Executes or participates in quality audits;
• Attends contractor progress meetings for quality input.


Relevant professional education, inspection skills, qualifications and certifications.
Experience through working at industrial and/or petro-chemical construction projects, minimum 5 years.

• Application of steel sheet piling;
• Piling, including pile installation (in situ-poured);
• Underground infra structure (drilled subsea lines, cables, sewer lines, fire lines, etc.);
• Road construction/concrete construction;
• Quality control for large civil projects;
• Quality handover documentation;
• Quality processes and quality inspections for UG sewers, UG fire mains, liquid retaining concrete structures and tank pits, bund walls, tank foundations, tank manifolds, pump
foundations, etc.);
• Has professional knowledge of codes and standards involved. (EN 13670);
• Experienced with structural steel installation;
• Certification as a NACE Coating inspector is preferred.


• Good communication and interpersonal skills;
• Quality focused and detail orientated. Good analytical skills;
• Good quality reporting skills;
• Good self-management skills and be able to work with deadlines;
• Proactive and determined work attitude;
• Good Knowledge of Quality processes.;
• Has construction site experiences;
• Speaks fluent in Dutch, English (Read/Write);
• Visual examination record (color test plates such as Ishihara test plates);
• Competent in use of appropriate codes of practices, standards and relevant sections of statutory documentation;
• Read, interpret and understand construction -drawings, -plans and project specifications in order to ensure compliance with project specifications;
• Understanding of quality control and quality assurance for the inspection and QC processes;
• Develops a pro-active attitude aimed at a decrease of reactive tasks.

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If you have the skills, desire and drive needed to succeed in this role, please submit your resume for consideration in the first instance. We will contact you if we have any questions regarding you, or your resume.

To process your application quickly and in good order, we highly recommend you apply via our website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us by mail:, or by phone +31 70 3242800, you may ask for Lennaert van Zon.

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