Quantity Surveyor

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Quantity SurveyorEngineeringNoord-Holland

Are you able to prepare construction cost plan, track costs, labour efficiency of the project?

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To be a team player and show a willingness to learn all aspects of electrical & instrumentation quantity surveying.
To assist the Project team on the project with tasks as requested.
Takes ownership and responsibility for defined scope of work.
To be diligent and professional with all works & tasks undertaken.
Measuring from plan drawings and schedules to produce fully priced detailed bills of quantities c/w labour hours and material costs.
Tracking costs and labour throughout the project.
Tracking the Project Hours Spent v’s Earned schedule.
Carry out full construction take off, prepare construction cost plan, track costs and labour efficiency throughout the project.
Present take off’s in a clear and coherent format while also understanding NRM2 requirements and procedures.
Providing timely and accurate CCS submissions each month.
Preparing timing and accuracy of submission of valuation and agreement of certification each month end.
Preparing timely and accurate assessments/payment certs/payless notices for sub-contractors each month and have an understanding of payment conditions within the Netherlands.
Producing timing and accurate cash flow submissions each month.
To ensure the final account is agreed within specific project timeline.
Ensuring the Company will not be exposed to launch 3rd party claims.
Prepare subcontract packages for procurement, agree contracts and manage through to final account.

Professional Development
Strives to get a comprehensive understanding of tasks assigned; why they are important and how they fit into the overall project.
To research into the RICS competencies and actively work towards development in these areas.
To be proactive in seeking guidance from the Commercial manager / director in areas of development.
To focus on continuous improvement by actively seeking out and requesting opportunities to work on tasks that will aid development e.g. tasks not previously completed or by shadowing the commercial lead or other team members.
To request regular feedback from the commercial lead regarding tasks completed
To be proactive in seeking out a broad spectrum of CPD accredited courses not only QS specific which would broaden general knowledge in the industry e.g. mechanical/electrical engineering, BISRA.


BSc Hons, Diploma or equivalent in Quantity Surveying or Building Services Engineering.
Minimum of 5+ year’s relevant M&E experience preferably with a Contractor.
Demonstrable knowledge of the Construction sector with M&E expertise.
Evidence of leading projects in a client facing role.
Preferred experience will include both pre contract works e.g. feasibility, cost plans, cost estimating, tender documentation etc. through to post contract work to include contract administration, variations, valuations etc.

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If you have the skills, desire and drive needed to succeed in this role, please submit your resume for consideration in the first instance. We will contact you if we have any questions regarding you, or your resume.

To process your application quickly and in good order, we highly recommend you apply via our website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us by mail: recruitment@selectum.nl, or by phone +31 70 3242800, you may ask for Lennaert van Zon.

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