Senior Quality Control/Welding Engineer

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Senior Quality Control/Welding EngineerEngineeringZuid-Holland

Senior Quality Control Engineer

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As Senior Quality Control Engineer you will prepare Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s) for all projects where specific materials are required. Furthermore, you need to control the vendor’s performance in the process. You are responsible for inspection and quality control of materials goods and IB/VDB during and up to the fabrication at our global vendors up to the completion. At all time you must maintain and support automation activities and coordinate with other sections, departments and clients as well as with inspection agencies and Authorities.

General Tasks:
Is aware and cares for Health, Safety & Environmental aspects during daily actions, and drives HSE performance throughout project and or internal/ external services activities.
 Quality control of all goods fabricated on basis of Requisitions for our Company projects.
 Secure budget adherence.
 Is able to indentify with the interests, problems and objectives of the organization and takes appropriate action if impediments arise.

Specific Tasks:
 Assistance to quality issues within the organization Group and/or Client
 Maintain a controlled vendor rating system
 Contribute to the new vendor/sourcing needs to ensure technically and commercially attractive and sound suppliers
 Ensure that lessons learned of quality and/or safety issues as well as alterations in the code requirements are well reflected /implemented in master documents like ITP
 Preparation of specifications for shop- and field welding, (Non-) destructive testing and review of Vendors and Construction Subcontractors’ welding documents.
 Quality Control / Inspection activities at Vendor’s works and or Client’s sites in particular in relation to welding philosophy, welders qualification, welding problems and advisory services with respect to welding equipment and welding test equipment.
 Troubleshooting regarding all matters related to repair, welding and metallurgy.


Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
Work experience: 10 years of relevant working experience; broad technical knowledge and interest
Language: Fluent in English both verbal and written, Dutch
Another language is an advantage

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Are you interested to know more about this challenging position and employer? And are you an ambitious Senior Quality Control / Welding Engineer? Please give us a call then and ask for Lennaert van Zon, +31 70 324 28 00. And, at the same time, send your resume to

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