Material Coordinator (MatCo)

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Material Coordinator (MatCo)PlatformproduktieNoord-Holland

Material Coordinator, offshore, upstream

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Materials Coordinator will act as a focal point for acquisition, scheduling and distribution of materials, supplies and service requisitions for the TA. The primary elements are to process and expedite materials.

•   Enters materials, tools, equipment requests via Procurement System or Pro-card and confirms delivery date.
•   Communicates the order and delivery status, typically by setting various material status/flags throughout the work order cycle in the Computerized Maintenance Management System
•   Communicates both ways any potential changes in material specifications between supplier and requestor and initiates system updates as appropriate.
•   Shares and raises awareness of MRO potential whether for stock or non-stock item coding.
•   Forwards non-coded items to Procurement Coordinator
•   Coordinates the disposition of all surplus material
•   Monitors/tracks materials, tools and equipment orders upon receipt
•   Arranges materials, tools and equipment in a manner, that it can be identified and picked up according to job needs
•   Communicate vendor performance to procurement services
•   Coordinate the repair and or return of materials, tools and equipment obtained on a value added work order
•   Uses class/codes to obtain contract pricing, where available
•   Works closely with procurement, coding, planning, scheduling and work coordination.
•   Tracks progress versus required delivery date until receipt and expedites when progress is behind schedule.
•   Follows-up as focal point on all issues with material, orders, delays.
•   Periodically reviews material status report tools to assure on-time delivery including refurbishment items
•   Requisitioning of off-site resources depending on organizational design and role availability


MBO ( mechanica)
Dutch, English
Offshore working experience


Een van Europa's grootste Exploratie en Productie bedrijf, gevestigd in Noord-Holland. Dit onafhankelijke E&P bedrijf heeft (offshore) assets in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Noorwegen, Nederland en Denemarken op het gebied van productie en winning van olie en gas. Nog niet lang geleden is de (gedeeltelijke) exploratie van een groot veld in de Noordzee aan de kant van het Verenigd-Koninkrijk overgenomen van een andere partij. Dat betekent, dat dit bedrijf op de toekomst gericht is!
Hier zet men alles op alles om het maximaal haalbare uit de bestaande assets te halen. Uiteraard staat veilig werken daarbij voorop.


Selectum brings clients and technicians together. We do this for temporary and permanent contracts. We are happy to support you and your career. Our motto is "Making it work together!". This is the basis for a long-term cooperation and an interesting career. We offer you a competitive salary within the sector and, in addition, we pay out an annual profit sharing and we never forget your birthday!

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Are you interested to know more about this challenging position? And do you have experience as an (offshore) MatCo? Please click the apply button and send us your resume. For any further information you can contact Amber Engels via or call +31 70 324 28 00.

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