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Document Controller

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As Document Controller you are responsible for the administration of the TP generated engineering documents in the PDB as well as vendor documents in the VDB, needed for our several engineering disciplines. These documents need to be available and distributed in electronic format. This is handled by means of Technip developed document handling database systems.You will coordinate pro-actively with the Project Manager (at a regular basis) to define priorities and critical vendors. In close cooperation with the Execution Department you will prepare the final vendor
documentation. As Document Controller you are responsible for handling the DCD work, both executed internally as well as executed remotely via HVEC.

 Initiate and execute the set up of xDB databases, in coordination with PT- EDMS
coordinator and TP Paris IT.
 Setting up the access and parameters on DDB’s/FDB/PDB/VDB as well as access
by external parties, if required.
 TP engineering document administration via TP database system (PDB)
 Internal issue (TPB) and external issue (Clients, Vendors, Subcontractors, Site) of
engineering documents (electronic, and as far as applicable in paper)
 Vendor documents administration and (electronic) routing via TP database system
 Vendor prints expediting (internal and external)
 Pro-active coordination with Project Manager to define priorities and potential
problems (e.g. critical vendors)
 Coordinate daily the subcontracted DCD work executed by HVEC.
 Preparation of end documentation (including coordination of content and timely
 Retrieve (on request) old project documents from Easy Archive system which
contains scanned copies
 Handling Courier services
 Assist with Dead File activities if required
 Assist with Drafting activities, if required in absence of General Drafting Coordinator.


Education MBO-level Administration
Work experience 3-6 year with document control, inclusive database use.
Language English, Dutch


In Nederland heeft deze opdrachtgever een breed portfolio van oplossingen voor productie en transformatie van olie en en gas binnen de On- en Offshore. Voor de locatie te Zuid-Holland heeft men specifieke kennis op het gebied van process, ethyleen, waterstof en syngas-technologieën. Het heeft een track record van het combineren van innovatieve technologieën met EPC projecten.


Selectum brings clients and technicians together. We do this for temporary and permanent contracts. We are happy to support you and your career. Our motto is "Making it work together!". This is the basis for a long-term cooperation and an interesting career. We offer you a competitive salary within the sector and, in addition, we pay out an annual profit sharing and we never forget your birthday!

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Are you interested to know more about this challenging position as a Document Controller? Then please contact Denise Smeekes. She will be able to tell you much more about the position and employer. Call +31 70 324 28 00 or send an email to

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