Competency & Training Coordinator

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Competency & Training CoordinatorOffshoreNoord-Holland

Competency & Training Coordinator

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As Competency & Training Coordinator you are responsible for the formation and training program of our staff, contractors and recruited personnel. The content of our formation and training programs are determined by both health and safety laws and regulations as well as organisation specific requirements. You will take care of the execution of all available educational and training programs on both content and form by initiating, organizing and supporting off- and onshore educational and training activities. Several of these programs are, or may be, outsourced to external training institutes.

In this role, among others, you are responsible for:

•   supporting employees in their training programs, through continuously monitoring, coaching and evaluating progress made;
•   managing of, and acting as a point of contact for our competency framework;
•   pro-actively managing, improving and updating the required competency profiles within our operational Production department;
•   together with management developing an annual educational and training plan;
•   record keeping, updating, monitoring, and reporting of the separate components constituting the annual plan, such as courses followed, exams made and results obtained by all our employees;
•   reporting upon the level of competencies gained by both individual and groups of employees;
•   point of contact to external institutes which supply programs and courses;
•   coordinating and planning of assessments and aptitude tests for several courses;
•   registering, digitizing and archiving diplomas and certificates of employees in order to obtain grants for training programs;
•   the development of study agreements with different institutes and monitoring their implementation;
•   maintaining a solid relationship with both internal and external stakeholders, such as employees, managers, trainers, teachers and suppliers of training programs;
•   relevant coordination and alignment with our HR en HSEQ departments;
•   continuously improving our employer performance, towards both our employees and our customers;
•   consulting further educational and training activities on individual employee level.


You have the following qualifications:
•   Relevant BSc level obtained;
•   At least 3 years of relevant work experience in a comparable role;
•   Demonstrable in depth knowledge in educating and training technical profiles;
•   Open to acquire relevant knowledge of process techniques and process safety;
•   Written and verbal communication skills in both Dutch and English.

Regular offshore visits must be expected.

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Are you interested to know more about this position as Competency and Training Coordinator? Please click the apply button and send us your resume. For any further information you can contact us via or call Denise Smeekes, +31 70 324 28 00.

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