André van den Berg

André van den Berg

reliable – structured – driven – professional – empathetic

As a recruiter I am in daily contact with candidates. I recruit them, speak to them and if I am convinced, I introduce them to our clients after consulting with our Sales department. Everything is based on mutual trust and good agreements. Because if you discuss matters with candidates correctly in advance, it prevents disappointment or discussions later on.

Communication plays an important role in my work. Asking questions, listening, asking more questions and checking. I have a lot of contact not only with our candidates, but also with my Selectum colleagues. We do our work in consultation and coordinate matters. A successful placement is therefore always a team effort.

I like working with people. Especially because of the many contacts. If they are good, you can fall back on them years later. This is how I’ve built up a nice network over the years. Also in countries like India, Pakistan and South Africa. I am still reaping the benefits of that.

I have more than 20 years of experience as a recruiter. The job is essentially still the same. Only the world and the technical resources have changed. Within Selectum we work with a permanent group of experienced professionals and a few acquisitions. This gives a nice dynamic of years of experience.

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