Amber Engels

Amber Engels

I’ve been working as a recruiter at Selectum since November 1st, 2017. I read the incoming letters from job applicants, decide if their talents match our vacancies and then select the most suitable candidate for the job. In addition to applications, I often use my own network to find a match. Any potential candidates are then presented to our clients.

How I got this job? Before I came to work here, I was placed in a number of jobs by Selectum and that’s how I met Mark van Zundert and Lennaert van Zon. In addition, I’ve always been interested in engineering. I like building things, fixing them, solving technical problems creatively. Selling a certain product is one thing, but there’s nothing more satisfying than creating something with your own hands. Fortunately, I’m very handy and by now, I’ve learned a lot about engineering as well.

With the knowledge and experience I now have, I would have liked to follow a technical education. But I have great language and communicational skills and that is where my real talent lies. I react intuitively to people and easily connect to them. As a self-taught person, I learn easily on the job and am a self-starter.

When the vacancy for a recruiter at Selectum opened, I didn’t have to think long. Although I didn’t have any experience as a recruiter, I was very enthusiastic about combining my interest in technology with my networking and communicational talents. I’m curious by nature and my experience tells me what kind of person I’m looking for. Also, I like to live by Pippi Longstocking’s motto: “I’ve never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do it.”

The people working at Selectum are very approachable, have a no-nonsense mentality and prefer to keep things as simple as possible, and I like that. We are a straightforward bunch, but we’ll do anything to maintain a good relationship with our network. It’s the perfect working environment for me. Working with integrity, interacting with excellent technicians in a respectful and correct manner, building durable relationships with both professionals and companies – that’s what we aim for at Selectum.

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