Andrea Blonk

Andrea Blonk

Andrea, can you please tell us about your job?
Yes, of course. I’ve been working at Selectum since March 11th, 2019 and my job consists mainly of ‘conventional’ recruiting activities. I search for potential new candidates for the technical side of Oil & Gas, like general engineers, supervisors, E&I and mechanical engineers. But I also recruit project support specialists, like document controllers and project assistants. I was added to the team in a supporting role to Lennaert van Zon and Mark van Zundert.

Do you have a specialisation?
Over the years, I’ve become increasingly familiar with the industrial sector. When I was working at Strukton, I was seconded as a document controller to projects like the high-speed line and North-South line. After that, I was given the opportunity to start working in recruitment. Being a recruiter and listening to the professionals is an ideal learning curve to explore the technical world. It has allowed me to specialize in the industrial sector and build up a solid network.

What do you like most about your job?
I love the fact that my activities at Selectum are purely about recruiting. In the past, I used to have all kinds of tasks in other areas, like conducting progress or exploratory interviews with employees and clients, writing vacancy announcements, and coordinating and onboarding junior recruiters. In my current role, I spend most of my time at a desk, and I appreciate that focus.
Despite the clearly defined framework, every day is different. Usually I start by making a plan for the day, but things almost always go differently than planned. And that variety is exactly what I like about the work. Every phone call is different and can vary from a sales call or a conversation with a candidate to an introductory interview to expand my network.
My key goal is to build a relationship with the candidate and to prepare the person concerned for a position, either now or in the future. This way I contribute to the happiness of the candidate, the client and, of course, Selectum, which gives me a real buzz.

There is a strong atmosphere of solidarity. For example, there is excellent cooperation between sales and recruitment, which increases our adaptability and gives us a positive drive. We know exactly what our clients need and what our candidates have to offer.

And I just love the informal atmosphere here at the office. Everyone is open to each other’s ideas and opinions. We all work hard, are passionate about what we do, but we also laugh a great deal. It can be extremely quiet in here, when everyone is focusing on their work, but then someone makes a joke and three minutes later we’ll all be trying to beat each other at table football.

How did you first get into touch with Selectum?
In 2001, I was approached by a temporary employment agency for a position as document controller at Strukton. After that, things took off for me in the technical industry. First, I was outsourced as a document controller, later as a recruiter. So, I had already heard of Selectum in my work. When Alban Zymberi approached me on LinkedIn and invited me for an informal conversation, I was not interested at first. I really wanted to work as a corporate recruiter (on the client side), rather than at a recruitment agency. But when Paul Haers called me and asked me what I wanted and how I saw my future career, we had such a nice conversation that I decided to go and talk to them after all.
After that first interview, they immediately offered me a job, urging me to think about it very carefully. The opposite of what I expected! I was so impressed by their decisive and welcoming attitude that I didn’t have to think long. And I haven’t regretted this step for a second – I’m exactly where I want to be.

What developments do you predict in recruitment?
In the last 10 years, recruitment has moved to online. We communicate via LinkedIn, WhatsApp and every other online platform you can think of. I myself try to free up more time to call people, a quick and personal way to get an answer and grow my network.

What’s on your agenda for today?
This morning, I helped my colleagues Alban Zymberi and Remco Piso with recruitment for Construction & Civil Engineering.
This afternoon, I’ll prepare the contract for a supervisor who will be working at a tank terminal. After that, I need to answer some e-mails and make a few calls. Within the Oil & Gas branch, we deal with expats as well, which for me is a fun aspect of working at Selectum. For these expats (knowledge migrants) we take care of anything from contracts and immigration papers to housing. I mainly deal with Dutch candidates, but for them too, we have customized contracts, especially regarding the fringe benefits.

Any famous last words?
Seize the day. Enjoy the moment. And it’s important to always have something to look forward to. I’m very grateful for everything I have – family, friends, my partner. That’s why I try to live every day like it’s a party.

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