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Assembly Coordinator - heavy industry
Job type: Secondment
Job category: Zware Industrie
Salary: from €4000,-
Job number: O220151
André van den Berg
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This position concerns the role of assembly coordinator for the construction of a filter installation at the PEFA. Start asap, duration of the project until the end of 2023. Please note that the employee speaks both Dutch and English. Activities concern the supervision (safety / time / quality) of companies on behalf of the construction manager. Please note that a civil background is required for this role.

Function context
The business unit within which the position is positioned aims to provide support to the project team within technical projects with regard to the execution from preparation to the end of assembly. The main customers of the position are Project Leaders, Assembly Managers and Technical Installation Managers.
The position works on the basis of project assignments and makes independent decisions about the quality of execution and planning of project assignments, which are characterized by a strong dependence and interaction with the environment. Job objective To plan, coordinate and supervise the execution of assembly orders at multiple work units. The position is therefore responsible for the efficiency and quality of execution of integrated project assignments.

Areas of Responsibility / Core Tasks

  • Integrated order planning, so that the realization of integrated assembly orders is made practically predictable and feasible.
  • Review project schedules, work plans and safety plans
  • Coordinates the quality requirements and specifications of project assignments with those directly involved and adjacent projects and disciplines.
  • Determines the working methods and work sequences to be followed and draws up an integral assignment planning. Assembly results, so that the execution of integral assignments is realized according to planning and conditions, with strong interaction with the environment.
  • Makes resources available and monitors the spending of permitted budgets.
  • Assesses the effects of actions and assignments on the environment and identifies possible bottlenecks in implementation. Devises technical and process solutions.
  • Supervises the quality of the execution of assignments and takes measures in the event of deviations or unforeseen situations.
  • Safety of the work environment, so that the safety of the work environment is continuously improved and the safety of team members is guaranteed.
  • Promotes the safety regulations and monitors compliance with the regulations.
  • Identifies opportunities for improving compliance and application of safety regulations.
  • Ensures the safety of the team members in the workplace and realizes a continuous improvement in the performance of the team when it comes to safety.
  • Firm performance, so that the quality of services provided by third parties is controlled and guaranteed.
  • Assess the work to be performed, designs and specifications and checks their applicability in practice.
  • Ensures the necessary facilities, materials and instructions for implementation and monitors progress.
  • Evaluates performance and intervenes in case of lagging results.
  • Implementation conditions, so that the necessary facilities and preconditions are completed and implementation is possible.
  • Creates an overview of the preconditions and facilities necessary for implementation.
  • Set up the construction site, organize kick-offs and arrange the availability of toolboxes and other facilities.
  • Agrees the guidelines and conditions of use with those involved and completes the necessary facilities and conditions.
  • Have decommissioned installations inspected and advise the production line on the scope of repair.
  • Order administration, so that the progress and results of assembly orders are recorded and available.
  • Gains insight into the need for progress information at project level and collects the necessary data.
  • Provides reports to provide insight into the progress and results of maintenance work.
  • Keeps administration and archives up to date and in order. Personnel performance, so that the added value of personnel for the organization is optimal.
  • Plan staff capacity and staff development.
  • Creates the preconditions for successful functioning and supervises employees.
  • Assesses performance and encourages employee development.

Social interaction

  • Social skills for leadership, for aligning engagement schedules in a dynamic environment, and for directing firms in execution.
  • Expression skills for preparing job plans, reports and for giving work instructions.

Specific handling requirements

  • Conscientiousness in monitoring the team's compliance with safety and quality regulations.

Adverse Circumstances .

  • Obstacle from wearing personal protective equipment and when working on a construction site.


Our client processes and distributes high-quality steel for the industrial market.

Terms of Employment

Selectum brings clients and technicians together. We do this for temporary and permanent contracts. We have a wide experience in guiding highly skilled technical professionals coming from abroad to start working in the Netherlands. We will assist you through all kinds of issues like legislation, permit, requirements and housing. Our motto is "Making it work together!". This is the basis for a long-term cooperation and and we are happy to support you and your career. We offer you a competitive salary within the sector and, in addition, we pay out an annual profit sharing and we never forget your birthday!

Job requirements

  • Knowledge of technology at MBO/HBO level for overseeing and managing integral assembly assignments.
  • Knowledge of construction site control, job planning and execution methods.
  • Knowledge of overarching project objectives, applicable laws and regulations and the structure of the project organisation.


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