SHEQ Engineer

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SHEQ EngineerOffshoreNoord Brabant

Are you able to improve and secure SHEQ awareness?

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•Promoting SHEQ awareness, actively advising the organization on SHEQ related matters and facilitating SHEQ training / familiarization.
•Preparing and providing SHEQ deliverables and documentation.
•Providing Risk Management Support (facilitating Risk Assessments, Job Hazard Analyses, revision of Assessments and Analyses, participate in HAZIDS).
•Ensuring the proper execution and maintenance of the SHEQ policies and management systems (e.g. ISM Code).
•Organizing and / or carrying out SHEQ inspections, SHEQ internal audits and sub - contractor audits
•Investigating incidents, analyzing, assessing corrective measures and monitoring the implementation of corrective measures
•Maintaining required SHEQ records and regularly drafting of reports.

Project specific:
•Preparing SHEQ Requirements for Suppliers and Subcontractors
•Performing QC Field Inspections (Fabricated Items)
•Verification and completion of ITP (offshore works)
•Preparing and execution (independent) of system / subcontractor audits


•Higher Professional Education (Bachelor)
•SHEQ education on bachelor level (e.g. Nebosh, Quality Management, Auditing)
•2 - 5 years experience in supporting of (project) organizations related to SHE and Q, preferable in maritime / oil & gas environment
•Basic knowledge of company's equipment and operational processes
•Knowledge of SHEQ policies, management systems, legislation and industry standards
•Good Excellent command of English (written and spoken)
•Advanced skills in ICT Office applications

•Offshore First Aid (Oranje Kruis of or Nogepa 2,2 2.2)
•BOSIET (Nogepa 0.5a, incl HUET & OLF-supplement & Opito, CA-EBS)
•Incident Investigation (Tripod)
•Measuring Gas/Oxygen - Entering Convined Spaces (incl H2S)
•VCA VOL (leidinggevende)
•Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) (only required in UK when VCA > 4 years)
•Safe working at height

Project specific
•Lead Auditor
•Systems: preferable knowledge and experiences with NINA Safety Program and SHE-Q system
•Elementary knowledge of fabrication and construction, e.g. welding / NDT, and (heavy) lifting activities

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If you have the skills, desire and drive needed to succeed in this role, please submit your resume for consideration in the first instance. We will contact you if we have any questions regarding you, or your resume.

To process your application quickly and in good order, we highly recommend you apply via our website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us by mail:, or by phone +31 70 3242800, you may ask for Lennaert van Zon.

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