Pipeline Inspection Engineer

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Pipeline Inspection EngineerUpstreamZuid-Holland

Can you deliver technical expertise in the inspection, repair and maintenance of subsea pipelines?

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To provide technical expertise in the inspection, repair and maintenance of subsea pipelines. The pipeline inspection engineer will be responsible for helping to develop the scope of work on a yearly basis and analyzing data and reporting it and storing it such that it is visible and auditable.

Main duties & responsibilities
• Work with the surveyors to develop the procedures and specifications required for inspection of subsea pipelines including scope of work and requirements from contractors performing the work.
• Assist in developing the full inspection scope of work (on an annual basis) based on regulation requirements, previous survey results and the requirements of the asset.
• Go offshore as required to assist / witness offshore survey scopes.
• Analyze pipeline data received by contractor, and ensure it is fit for purpose in order to assess all anomalies.
• Ensure that all anomalies are reporting in a consistent manner and develop summary reports for review / acceptance by the asset. Where applicable, key recommendations for further remedial / inspection works will be communicated to the asset for action.
• Support projects as requested to provide input into survey scopes, specifications and standards for new pipelines.
• Provide input into the equipment and specifications required from the contractor (through procurement) to ensure data is obtained in the appropriate manner.
• Responsible for the tools used to store data and analysis, quality control of all data and assessments as well as identification for specialized subcontractors where possible.
• Providing input into the yearly budgets.
• Writing summary reports for all survey work and developing a set standard.
• Providing support as required to the asset for notifications and applications to external bodies.
• Highlighting any discrepancies/anomalies and classification of the various types of anomalies and proposing an action plan for approval by others.
• Keeping up to date of regulations and developments in the pipeline inspection industry relevant to professional offshore applications.
• Will be able to perform basic calculations and analysis for pipelines, ensuring correct quality control measures throughout. However they will also be responsible for identifying and managing any analysis which require external subcontractor scopes.


• Degree in Engineering with 10+ years’ experience and significant operations involvement.
• Experience of pipeline analysis, particularly inspection and calculations / design.
• In depth knowledge of relevant pipeline engineering standards, particularly in reference to survey and inspection requirements.
• Knowledge of rules and regulations of the UKCS, NCS and NLCS.
• Fluent in English.

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If you have the skills, desire and drive needed to succeed in this role, please submit your resume for consideration in the first instance. We will contact you if we have any questions regarding you, or your resume.

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